Brian the Build Bunny…

… is a Must-Have for all TFS users.

The bunny is an internet connected device that can do a lot of things.

The Features:

  • Read RSS feeds: in real time or when you want it, Nabaztag reads you the news as soon as it hits the web
  • Podcasts : Nabaztag plays your podcasts at the time you schedule
  • Internet radio: Nabaztag plays your Internet radio stations at the time you schedule or when you ask him by voice command
  • Weather: Nabaztag can tell you the weather throughout the day with his lights or with spoken alerts
  • Stocks: Nabaztag can tell you the trends of the stock market permanently and in real time with his lights
  • E-mail alert: Nabaztag warns you when you have received a specific message
  • Messages: Exchange message with your friends and other Rabbit owners
  • Nabazmoods: Nabaztag will occasionally feel the need to express himself or to practice his Tai Chi
  • Alarm Clock: Wakes you up in the morning with your favorite song or radio
  • Talking clock: Every hour, Nabaztag will tell you the time in a different way.
  • Ear Dialogues: move your Nabaztag’s ears to move the ears of your friend’s Nabaztag from afar.

For developers, there is an API available so you can build your own “bunny services”.

Read more on nabztag or get your own at the store.

Seen @: Christian Binder’s Weblog


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