Long awaited…

Monad, no, Windows Power Shell 1.0 for Windows Vista has arrived. You can download it here (x86) or here (x64).


Die Prise Sarkasmus zum Wochenstart

Treffen sich zwei Softwareentwickler. Fragt der eine interessiert: "Sag mal, Du arbeitest doch auch in der Softwareentwicklung. Wo liegen denn bei Euch im Prozess so die größten Schwächen?".
Kurzes, nein, sehr kurzes Überlegen: "Softwareentwicklung, ja, Softwareentwicklung!".

Nein, kein Witz. So geschehen am 28.01.2007 im Großraum Hessen.


Ding Dong, Design Meeting! Now!

Because the only thing harder than trying to design software is trying to design software as a team.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a meeting with even one or two other programmers, trying to figure out how something should work, and we’re just not getting anywhere. So I go off in my office and take out a piece of paper and figure it out. The very act of interacting with a second person was keeping me from concentrating enough to design the dang feature.

via: Joel on Software, The Big Picture