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Random Beeps while Google Desktop is running

On my Dell Inspiron 9300 notebook, the system beeper is beeping randomly since the installation of google desktop. I figured out, that this occurs as soon as pdftotext.exe and acrobat.exe are running simultaneously while acrobat.exe continually tries to access the non-existing files capt2view.cmd and special.cmd anywhere deep in my "Local Settings" folder. Next, i will try to find why Acrobat is doing so. For now, i can keep the kids sleeping by checking that acrobat.exe is not running whenever i leave my computer (which means that a minute later, google desktop wakes up and uses pdftotext.exe to index pdf files).


Go VS 2005

Soma Somasegar, der Corporate Vice President der Developer Division bei Microsoft verkündet in seinem Blog, dass Visual Studio 2002 und Visual Studio 2003 unter Windows Vista nicht unterstützt werden.

Time to go .Net 2.0.