Microsoft announces a new VSS

Wow, these are really good News:

Visual SourceSafe Roadmap

Microsoft is updating the version control technology of Visual SourceSafe. A new product release with a continued focus on version control, Visual SourceSafe 2005, will update and improve this popular system. For individual developers or small teams who need a lightweight, client-only, file server application for source code control only, Microsoft will continue to enhance and support Visual SourceSafe. We will ship Visual SourceSafe 2005, which will include enhancements such as remote web access over HTTP, LAN performance booster, Unicode and XML support, and regional time zones and languages.

The upcoming release of Visual SourceSafe, arriving in 2005, will continue to be well-suited for individual developers and small teams. Some teams, however, that require a broader set of software development life-cycle tools or software configuration management tools may wish to consider the Visual Studio Team Foundation system as an alternative.

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